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The Searle Record
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The Searle Record by Sardis Chapman 

   Many people with the Searle surname living in the United States owe a great debt to a 19th century shoemaker who lived in Southampton, Massachusetts named Sardis Chapman.  Sardis Chapman may have been a shoemaker by vocation, but his avocation was genealogy. 
   Mr. Chapman married Dolly Searle, and he worked for many years on her family tree, including many other collateral lines.  This work was originally presented at the Searle family reunion held in Southampton, Massachusetts in 1887.  This work titled "Searle Record" is amazing in it breadth.  My wife Marisa Searle and I will be transcribing the "Searle Record" here on this web site over next few months.  The "Searle Record" should be wonderful genealogical tool for the thousands of Searle descendants of John Searle of Springfield, Massachusetts.
   The handwritten original of the "Searle Record" prepared by Sardis Chapman is located in the Southampton Massachusetts Historical Society Museum  which was the house owned by Sardis Chapman in Southampton, Massachusetts.  If you are a descendant of John Searle of Springfield, Massachusetts, you may wish to page down to page 18.  To find a specific name/person, it will be quicker to do a "Control F" search.
Kameron K. Searle

Searle Record
Sardis Chapman
Page 1.
   Andrew, Brother Edward , and John Searle.
   Born in Warwick, England, about 1610, and with his two brothers came to Boston in 1634.  We have been unable to follow down his family line, as they moved north and west, some going into Canada, etc.
   The following is furnished from records and family trees.
William Searle.
   William Searle, son of Andrew, born about 1640, is mentioned as being at Ipswich in 1663.  The Salem Registry of Deeds (Book 3, Ipswich, p. 133) shows that on May 19, 1663, Shoreborne Willison sold "for in consideration of twenty six pounds in hand payd or secured to be payd by William Searle of Boston, in the Courts of Suffolk Joyner" a certain parsel of land; this same land was on Sept. 26, 1663 sold by William Searle to Thomas Dennis (Dennis afterwards married Grace, the widow of William Searle). There is no mention of  William Searle among the early records of Boston, and it is assumed that he came to Boston from England.  William Searle died in Ipswich August 16, 1667 or 1668.  The inventory of his estate showed a value of about 93, and was filed Sept. 24, 1667.  Feb. 23, (1722) his grandson William was given letters of administration "the estate not before having been administered and Grace (Searle) Harris having given her Quitclaim and Samuel Searle, elder brother of William declining to act"  Vide Essex Probate records of Ipswich 304, p. 401.
   Grace, the widow of William Searle, on Oct. 26, 1668, married thomas Dennis.  The gravestones of Thomas and Grace

Page 2
are to be seen in the old cemetery at Ipswich.  William and Grace had three children:
(1) Samuel Searle, date of birth unknown.  He married Deborah Bragg.  Samuel died April 7, 1691.
(2) William, born in Ipswich Nov. 22, 1665.  He was unmarried and died at Rowley Nov. 7, 1690.  "His estate amounts 8, 18s clear."  Administration of his estate was on April 23, 1691 granted to John Harris, his brother-in-law, he stating in his petition "no relation to ask and no wife  or child."  (Essex Probate records - Old Ipswich Book 304 page 398).
(3) Grace, date of birth unkown, probably 1666; she marred Jany. 8, 1685, Sergeant John Harris.  He died Nov. 21, 1732, aged 82.  Grace died June 10, 1742.  They had the following children; (perhaps others)
1. William Harris born Nov. 26, 1690.
2. Rebecca Harris   "   Jany 11, 1692.
3. Samuel      "          "    Apr. 9, 1695.
4. Martha       "          "     Dec. 2, 1698
5. Daniel        "          "     Nov. 22, 1700
6. Richard     "          "     Nov. 25, 1705
Samuel Searle (William 1)
   Date of his birth is unknown, probably about 1650, -anyway before his father William settled in Ipswich, for no record of his birth appears in Ipswich records.  He married (Date unknown) Deborah Bragg, daughter of Edward Bragg of Ipswich.  she was born Dec. 22, 1638, and died at Rowley.

Page 3
March 25, 1703.  Samuel, her husband, died at Rowley April 7, 1691(Rowley records Vol. 1, p. 25). The inventory of his estate amounted to f44. 5s. 0, and was presented at Court, in Ipswich by his wife, Deborah, on Nov. 3, 1691, she being administatrix(Essex Probate records, Ipswich book, 304, p. 401-402.)
     Samuel Searle and Deborah had the following children:
          1. Samuel - Date of birth unknown. He died Mch. 1, 1756, aged about 72.  This would make his birth in 1684.  I am inclined to think he was born four to six years earlier, say about 1679.
          2. William, born Oct. 16, 1685. Died young.
          3. John, Born Nov. 2, 1686, Died June 20, 1771 in his 85 year.
      " He has a fall off his horse wch tis thot accasioned his death tho he had been in a decling state") ( Rowley records Vol. 1, p. 283)
          4. William, born Sept. 8, 1690.
          5. Deborah, born 1691. She married Ephrim Nelson June 14, 1715, and died June 29, 1720.
William Searle (William 1, Samuel 2)
       Born in Rowley Sep. 8, 1690, and married August 23, 1723 to Jane Nelson.  He was decon of the second church and died May 18, 1778 in his 88th year (records say 80) His wife, Jane died March 30, 1778, in her 75th year. Jane was the daughter of Jeremiah Nelson and his wife Ann. Jeremiah Nelson was "slain by ye Indians at Dunstable 10 July, 1700.) Jeremiah was the son of capt. Phillip Nelson who was born in England in 1633 and and was graduated at Harvard College about 1654.  He married the daughter of John Lowell in 1666.  He

Page 4.
was a justice of the peace and Captain of a company "under command of Sir William Phipps, which is going against the French at Nova Scotia".  He died August 19, 1691.
William Searle and his wife, Jane had several children, and among them the following:
          Jeremiah Searle , born May 27, 1725.
          Jane Searle             "      Oct. 28, 1727.
(Memo. Jane married Nov. 26, 1747 Jeremiah Jewett; he was bor Feb. 28, 1722/3 and was married Nov. 26, 1747.  Died Dec. 3, 1809.  He was deacon of the First Chirch at Rowley.  His wife, Jane, died July 18, 1815, aged 88 years; they had children)
          William Searle, born April 4, 1730.
          John ,     "             "                  1732/3.
              (Memo. died 7 mos. old in 1733)
          David Searle born Nov. 24, 1736.
          Unice Searle    "      Mch. 16, 1739.
          Lois Searle       "     Jany. 26, 1743.
Jeremiah Searle (William 1, Samuel 2, William 3)
Born in Rowley May 27, 1725.  Died in Rowley Oct. 29, 1799, age 74 years.  Married on Sept. 23, 1756 to Mary Thurston, daughter of Richard Thurston of Newbury, "soon of Rowley". Richard Thurston was deacon of the second church at Rowley; he married May 5, 1731, Mehitable Jewett; Mehitable died May 18, 1789, aged 78, and the gravestones of both may be seen at Rowley (Georgetown parish) Jeremiah Searle had several children: among them:Note- Mehitable was daughter of Jonathan Jewett)

Page 5.
Steven Searle, born Oct. 13, 1767.
     Stephen Searle (William 1, Samuel 2, William 3, Jeremiah 4)
Born at Rowley Oct. 13, 1767, and died April 11, 1853, aged 86.  On Feb. 23, 1793 he married Mary (Polly) Jewett.  She was the daughter of Jeremiah Jewett and Jane Searle, (and, of course Mary was cousin to Stephen) Jane had twelve children. Jeremiah Jewett was the son of Aquila Jewett and Ann Tenny, the daughter of Thomas Tenny, in turn son of Thomas, who was one of the early settlers of Rowley, who came from England in 1643.  Aquila Jewett was born Sept. 14, 1684, and died Nov. 24, 1760; he was the son of Deacon Maximilian Jewett, who came to Rowley with the Rev. Ezekiel Rogers (1639, the founder of Rowley) Stephen Searle and Mary had the following children:
          Jeremiah, born Feb. 19, 1794; died May 30, 1861.
          Mary (Perkins) born July 26, 1795; died Oct. 31 1866.
          Jacob Searle,   "    May 5, 1798      "    Nov 9, 1861.
          Lois         "               Apr. 8, 1801
          Stephen   "             Mch. 7, 1803
          Dorthy      "             Feb. 18, 1805
          Sarah J.    "            Feb. 18, 1805      "     Oct.,  1881.
           Benjemin Gardner Searle, b. Dec. 29, 1809, d. June 28, 1883.
          Richard Thurston        "    b. Apr. 2, 1814, d. June 30, 1880.
          Alonso T. Searle, a well known lawyer in Houesdale, Pa. and
          Chas. P. Searle an attorney at law in Boston

Page 6.
     Edward, brother of Andrew and John Searle, born Warwick, England, about 1612, came to Boston about 1634; married widow fo John White, sister of Edmund Caverly, had a son Edward Jr. and died about 1679.
Edward Jr. born about 1646, married Anne Lippet Feb. 21, 1671 and had four sons,
Richard married a widow Burton. Benjamin married Hannah Holden. Solomon was living in Bristol, R. I. Mar. 23, 1723.  James was living in Conn. at that time also.
Solomon had a son John who was the father of Rev. J. W. Searle of cumington, Mass. James Searle had a son James Jr. born about 1705.  Solomon also had a son named Nathaniel. Nathaniel, son of Solomon, born about1698, married Elizabeth Little; they had a son called Constant.
Constant, son of Nathaniel, born at Little Compton, R. I. in 1723, married Hannah Halden about 1748, had children:
          William born at Stonington, Conn. 1751.
          Hannah   --                   --                --    1754.
          Constant --                  --                --     1756.
          Elizabeth --                 --                 --     1757.
          Constant --       Little Compton         1759.
          Rev. Roger --         Preston                1762.
          Ruth         --                --                   --    1765.
          Sarah      --           Stonington      --    1768.
          James    --                 --                   --    1769.
          Benoni                                                 1771.
          Robert                                                  1773.

Page 7.
   Solomon was living in Bristol, Rhode Island, in March 23, 1725, for on that day he was published to Elizabeth Hadding, and married April 18, 1723, in Bristol R. I.  He was a member of Rev. Isaiah Cotton's church in Providence.  They has a son John, father of John, father of John, father of Rev. J. W. Searle, in 1891, Cummington, Mass., a Baptist clergy man.
   There was a Nathaniel Searle, a lawyer in Providence, and one family that originated in Warwick, Immanuel Searle.
Nathaniel Searle of Rhode Island
   Records to show another branch of the Searle family in the record of one Nathaniel Searle and his wife, Elizabeth, of Little Compton, R.I.  Constant Searle, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth, was born in Little Compton, June ye 17th (oldstyle1728).  He was killed in an Indian massacre at Providence, Lucerne Co., Pennsylvania.  Hannah Searle, his

Page 18.
   John Searle was a brother of Edward(1) Searle of Providence Rhode Island, and Andrew(1) Searle of Ipswich Mass. who were all born in Old England, in Warwick.
   John Searle(1) in 1635 in company with others came to Springfield, Mass. as first settlers of that place.  His home lot was a little north of the Union Depot of that city.  He married, March 19, 1639, Sarah Baldwin, but they were seperated by his death August 11, 1641.  He left a son, John(2) Searle born March 30, 1641.  He had made his will eight months before, and he may have been in feeble health.  His widow married in April 28, 1642 the next spring, Alexander Edwards.  In 1655 they moved as first settlers to what is now the city of Northampton.  They are the ancestors of all of the name Edwards and Searle in the Connecticut valley.
   John(2) Searle, who was born in Springfield, March30, 1641, married first(July 3, 1667) Ruth Janes, daughter of

Page 19.
William Janes.  By her he had four children as follows:
Child born and died at birth (March 25, 1668).
John(3) Searle born - - Died in a few days (March 11, 1669).
John(3) Searle born Agust 6, 1670; married Abigail Pomeroy, daughter of Caleb Pomeroy and Hepsibah Baker(April 5, 1694).  Ruth died November 20, 1672.  For his second wife he married Mary North(May 10 or 30, 1675).  She was the daughter of John North.  By her he had seven children:
(1) James3Searle born February 12, 1675.  Married Nov. 5, 1728.
(2) Mary Searle, born 1678. Unmarried.
(3) Ebenezer Searle, born July 9, 1680.
(4) Ruth Searle, born December 17, 1681. Married Jonathan Kellogg, of Westfield.
(5) Sarah Searle born February 28, 1684.
(6) Nathaniel, born May 30, 1686.  Married Priscilla; (Sarah(2));
(7) Lydia Searle, born August 22, 1687.  Married (1721) Ebenezer Ring of West field.
   John Searle Jr., son of John Searle and Ruth Janes, born in Northampton August 22, 1670; married(April 5, 1694) Abigail Pomeroy, born October 26, 1671, daughter of Caleb Pomeroy and Hepsibah Baker.  He, with his father removed from Northampton Center to Pascommuck or the north end of Mount Tom(now Northamapton) in 1700.  He was killed, with three of his children, by the Indians in that terrible massacre May 13, 1704.  The following are his children:
(1) Elisha Searle, born February 4, 1695. Married. Died about 1778.
(2) Joseph Searle, born 1695.(?)
(3) Abigail, born Aug. 1698.
(4) John, born August 9, 1700; and
(5) Caleb, born

Page 20.
November 7, 1702, were slain by the Indians at Pascommuck on May 13, 1704.
(6) Submit Searle, born September 17, 1704, (Posthumas) four months after the massacre.  She married(1732) Deacon John Clark(three of the name) of Southampton, one of first settlers 1730.  The mother of Abigail was taken prisoner, and after being severely wounded was rescued from the Indians by the pursuing party.  She lived after her second marriage (1707) to Nathaniel Alexander many years.
Children of Submit Searle and Deacon John Clark:
(1) John, born November 1733.
(2) Chloe, born October 28, 173-
(3) Jehiel, born August 17, 1736. Married (1760) Sarah Strong.
(4) Submit, born June 18,  1738.  Married (1760) Elijah Clapp.
(5) John Clark
(6) Gad Clark, born 1742.  Married (1773) Hanah Edwards.
(7) Martha Clark.
(8) Abigail, born 1745.  Married (1767) Selah Clapp.
   Elisha Searle, son of John Searle and Abigail Pomeroy, born 1695; died about 1778.  Elisha was taken captive by the Indians and taken to Canada where he was brought up in the Catholic faith.  After 15 years he visited his native place, where he married, reared up a large family of children, was a worthy citizen and held a respectable standing in the church.  Six children were born in Pascommuck.
(1) Rebecca Searle married Zebadiah Alvord.
(2) Abigail Searle(3)
(3) Catherine Searle, born 1736.
(4) Hannah Searle, daughter of Elisha Searle was born in Northampton (Pascommuck) in 1738.  Married Lieut. Noah Strong, Jr. who was born 1738.  She died February 11, 1813.  They removed to Westhampton as first